Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ok so.
first blog entry. won't go into much detail about creating it and the inspirations behind it, *cough* Cesar *cough*, that'll come at a later date.

first topic.
// seasons.
so there's this tree/shrub thing in front of my house and it changes the way it looks on like a bi-weekly or monthly basis. every time i notice it, i see that it has changed since the last time i saw it. it blooms in the spring and loses its flowers in the latter days of fall. during the cold winter mornings, its branches are enveloped in frost and ice and it looks like a completely different tree in its entirety. seeing it change so drastically yet stay completely the same from year to year made me want to document its beauty. i love taking up-close pictures of various objects and things and plants and trinkets. that love for digital micro led me to taking these two photos to show the most drastic change between the seasons. the black and white showcases little bulbs..i guess they're technically called the buds..and they're hard and harsh to the touch. i love the photo in black and white because it parallels well with the season of winter. harsh, cold and very dreary..black and white in full gloom. the photo in color represents the spring, when things, mainly plants..come alive and bloom. it's like a renewal of life. the movie "pleasantville" comes to mind..when things start to gain color. i don't quite remember the premise of why they went from black to white, but regardless..it's a good metaphor..at least in my opinion.

mother nature's midas touch.
it's funny how we let the simplest things go unnoticed.


  1. Congratulations on your new blog :)

  2. so don't think i'm a stalker or anything (who am I kidding, I google your name every night) but I stumbled across this because I was looking for your webpage but I guess thats not a real website that you were showing ppl pictures of on facebook... so yeah... you should blog more!!!